Why are the references for Metabolical online instead of between the covers? Because there are 1054 of them — including them would have swollen the print version by 70 pages, increased the cost by five dollars, and killed innumerable trees. Besides, those of you who are into references want immediate access to the primary source material. This book is filled with “heresies” — concepts which buck the established dogma — except they are true. Everything is this book can be backed up by science or historical fact. The reference list is your key to debunking the disinformation of Big Medicine, Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Government.

The reference list is organized based on: 1) page number, and 2) “phrase capture”. If you find a concept in the book that needs corroboration, just click on the page number, and you’ll get the list of references for that page. Then click on the specific reference, and you’ll be brought directly to the journal article, report, or newspaper clipping, so you can see for yourself. Happy debunking!