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An independent research foundation dedicated to three key strategic areas of interest:

  • Applied Research
  • Education
  • Clinician-Researcher Fellowships
  • Mentorship
  • Young Scientists

The largest fast food restaurant chain in the United States is our public school system. Eat REAL is a nonprofit organization on a mission to fix this.

Eat REAL empowers school district food service leaders to make improvements and inspires students, schools, parents, and communities in their real food journeys.

Perfact’s patented recommendation engine takes criteria combining any number of ingredients, nutrients, recommendations, or warnings from any number of sources and boils them down to a personalized yes/no instantly. If a product doesn’t match all criteria, the engine makes recommendations that do. 

The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation provides support, advocacy and information about the causes, prevention and management of hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar. Blood sugar health is vitally important to understanding and maintaining metabolic health.